Apple 8x DVD-R media

Whilst browsing CompUSA’s website for 8x media, I came across something rather interesting: a 5 pack of Apple-branded 8x DVD-Rs. Knowing that Apple used MXL RG02 for its 4x media, I went on a hunch and travelled to my local (if you consider 20 miles local :frowning: ) CompUSA. They weren’t with the regular media so I had to ask an employee where to find them; they’re with the Apple products. Looked on the package for country of manufacture and as expected, made in Japan, so I bought them. They’re horribly overpriced by the way, $20 at CompUSA, $15 at the Apple store. I opened the package to look at the discs before I made my way home to see if they looked like TY media (despite different branding all TY media looks alike around the hub area) and they did not; it was looking like my hunch was right. So I finally got home just a few minutes ago and popped them into my 812@832S, fired up DVDINFOPro and my suspicions were confirmed…MXL RG03 MEDIA IN THE US! :bigsmile: As far as I know, this is the only way to get Maxell 8x media in the US right now. Worth the cost just for some test burns I’d say.

Here’s a scan of a burn done on the 812@832S:

The ND-2500A@2510A fared much better, not surprisingly:

Sweet! Now if only they didn’t cost $3/$4 a disc! :frowning:
How about a pic of the Apple packaging? :stuck_out_tongue:

You rode 20 miles and spent US$20 to test the Maxell media. Looks it’s more costly than shipping fee from Tokyo via FedEx.

I’d also like the pics!

I’d guess 20 mile distance might be considered as local because the main “local” stores for me are 100 km from where I live. Most of the chain stores like BestBuy and OffceDepot in South Korea died between the late 1990s and early 2000s. Currency crisis and PC industry recession.

so i take those “maxell” labelled spindles and stuff at bestbuy and futureshop arent mxl??
are they any good?

Retail Maxell media may or may not be manufactured by Maxell. 4x Maxell DVD-R can indeed be MXL RG02, but it can also be TYG01 (both made in Japan) and unfortunately RitekG04 (media that says Made in Taiwan). 4x Maxell DVD+R is always RICOHJPNR01 if I am not mistaken. I have never seen any 8x Maxell branded media in any stores here in the Atlanta area, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, especially in other countries (not counting Japan, it’s been out there for a while now).

hmm are the MXL RG02 4x media any good to use with a liteon 812s perhaps? (or TYG01 since it could be either…)

(sorry for threadjack lol )

Yes MXLRG02 should burn excellently with a LiteOn 812S.

Manufacturers always supply their OEM contracts (their biggest customers) with the latest goods before they release a product under their own in house brand name.
Since we are now seeing 8X Apple MXRG03, we should soon see Maxell branded 8X DVD-R.

I’d like to see some of Maxell’s own DVD+R media here in the states, but seeing as how it just recently came out in Japan we probably won’t see any until 2005 sometime :frowning:

8X Apple DVD-R pic and link.