Apple 8x DVD-R 25-disc spindle



I just saw this on The 5 packs in jewel cases were MXLRG03 from the original/good production line (inner hub serial Mxxxxxxx, stack ring on top surface); I wonder what these are?


I guess they could be the same but given the price it doesn’t matter much. You can get acutal TY and Maxell discs for cheaper on a regular basis.


Maxell seems to have two different production lines for MXLRG03. I’ve run into horrible batches of the Maxell-branded ones which have the new longer hub serial numbers (= new production line); if those Apple discs are from the original production line they’d be worth it to me.


Hmm, that must be what I ran into (refers to my “what are the ****ing odds” post). Either way though you can get a 50 pack of 8x TY DVD+R or DVD-R for less than that 25 pack. My last pack of 8x TYG02 DVD-R discs ran me $30 after shipping vs. the $35 that they are charging for those apples. I don’t care what manufacturer/dye they are carrying, they aren’t so much better than the Taiyo Yudens that they merit that much extra of a cost. It’s true that they could go on special but Apple media SELDOM goes on special.


Well, it’d probably be a one time purchase just to try them out :smiley:


Okay. I guess it just doesn’t make much sense to me to pay extra to take a gamble. It may be what you are looking for and it may not but even if it is, is it really worth 2x the price of TY media? There is also the possibility that you might run into the shoddy MXL discs under the apple label as well. I guess that’s just me though. :wink:


I actually saw these spindles today at a local Apple Store and a CompUSA. They are made in Taiwan and appear to be MCC02RG20 (caught a glimpse of a Verbatim serial engraved in the outer hub ring) and judging from the font of “OPEN” and “LOCK” on the cakebox they are likely made by Prodisc. Certainly not worth it considering you can get about 100 Prodisc inkjet printables with MCC code for about the same price, or 50 Verbatim-branded MCC02RG20 by Prodisc for $40 or less at various shops.