Apple 4x DVD-R media



These used to be guaranteed MXL RG02, but I bought a 5 pack from an Apple store today and when I got home and looked at one of the discs and noticed the discs didn’t look like Maxell discs (different hub design). Flipped the disc over to the recordable side and looked at the serial number:

At that point I was like “…Verbatim.” I then actually looked at the sticker on the bottom of the box that shows where the media was made, and instead of the usual “DVD-R media assembled in Japan” for these discs, I was greeted with the wonderful message of “assembled in Taiwan.” Nero CD-DVD Speed only confirmed what I suspected, MCC 01RG20. Heh, hard to believe I’m actually disappointed in getting MCC media. I’d heard Maxell ceased 4x -R production, so that would explain things. Oh well, at least the 8x pack I got is still Maxell.


It’s not hard to believe at all. Apple media is horribly expensive and given the price that you can get actual Taiyo Yuden discs for these days, simply isn’t worth the expense. 8x Taiyo Yuden discs will run you about $40 with ground shipping in 50 packs from Last time I checked, 4x Apples were $13 for 5. :eek:


While it’s true about the pricing (it’s $9.99 for the 4x and $14.99 for the 8x at the Apple Store), for now it’s the only way to get any MXL RG03 which seems to be better than TYG02 based on kprobe scans I’ve seen on Japanese sites. I have plenty of TYG02 though, don’t worry :slight_smile: