Appending mkv files into one mkv file



I ripped a HD BR movie that spans 2 discs. I ripped them both into separate mkv files at high quality settings, one approx. 12 GB, the other 11 GB. Now I would like to join them together into one file so that I can load them onto a USB drive and watch the movie un-interrupted on my TV (which accepts USB drives to play movies, music, etc.).

Is there a utility (preferably free) where I can easily join one mkv file to the end of the other mkv file and get one file with the same quality as they were originally ripped? If not MKV, what about mp4 (I can re-rip the discs to mp4)?



You need a tool called mkvtoolnix.

Mkvtoolnix combines several tools into one package. Once you have it installed, you need to open mkvmerge GUI from your programs list. Use the Add button to import your first mkv file. Once it shows up in the main window, use the Append button to import the second mkv file. Select a spot on the hard drive where you want the new combined file and make a new name for it in Output Filename near the bottom of the main window. Then click on Start Muxing to combine the two imported files.

This should be fairly fast, as there is no re-encoding and no loss of visual quality. Output will be in mkv format.


Thanks. I will give that a try.


Tried it last night. Worked perfectly, exactly what I wanted and fast.