Appeals Court Hears mandatory Digital-TV tuners by 2004 dispute

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that a consumer-electronics trade group has made a dispute to an appeals
court about being forced to include expensive digital TV…

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From my experience of digital tv, the quality is in a lot of cases worse than analogue tv - due to the low bitrates used MPEG artefacts appear quite a lot and compared to a decent analogue broadcast.

I have to say that I agree with katastrofe, although I think selling a TV set with an analogue tuner inside is point less these days, it has to be said that the quality of digital signals is indeed piss poor and they are full of artefacts. I reckon until we get HDTV, DigiTV will remain at best disappointing in the quality stakes…

After everyone starts putting the digital tuners in TV’s the price will come down big time, look how quickly the latest graphics card come down in price.

The good news is you will be able to watch all cable channels without a cable box, or better yet your PVR (tivo 3) will be able to record them as digital streams. The only way we will ever give up on analog is to force companies to drop it, and turn it off so people will have to buy new TVs (and I’m sure they will be cheap by then)

I really can’t see where they get $ 200 price hike from. I bet that the likes of Sony and Hitachi (who allready supply TV’s with didital receivers) only pay a couple of pence per unit, afterall they are only mounting say 3 to 4 extra chips inside. If more manufacturers start supplying TV’s with didital receivers then the price would drop even further.