(Apparently) Strange behaviour with A11



I’ve just crossflashed my 111D to A11 (v.1.19) :bigsmile: , I’ve made a couple of burns and while I was scanning the disc (with the A11 and Nero Cd-DVD Speed), I’ve noticed that every time the HD was accessed (every time I clicked on a link of a web site, opened a directory or a program) the led of the Pioneer A11 turned off and on like if it has stopped reading for an instant :confused: .
Is this a normal behaviour? Do I have to expect the same while burning, and if this is the case will the burn quality suffer from it?


Pio and hd on the same cable?


Sata 0 —> Nothing connected
Sata 1 —> Nothing connected
Sata 2 —> Hd 1(Boot)
Sata 3 —> Hd 2

Pimary Master —> DVD-Rom LiteON 167T (UltraDMA 2)
Primary Slave —> Hd 3 (UltraDMA 2)
Second Master —> Pioneer 111 (UltraDMA 4)
Second Slave —> Lg 4120B (UltraDMA 2)

All Pata drive connected with 80 cable connector.

So the answer should be no. Pioneer and LG burner on the same cable :confused: .


The hdd is only udma2?? Huh.

Overall, a weird case actually.


Yeah, it is a 80GB Maxtor. Some time ago (maybe a year or more) the value Ultra Ata CRC Error rate of this drive dropped at:
Status: OK

So to reduce possibilities of data errors I had to lower the UDMA to Udma2 (soon this drive will die…even if it’s more than one year that has this problem).


I also had always trouble with Maxtors. Nowadays I only use Seagate and Samsungs.


Yes, I won’t ever buy Maxtor drive’s again. After this I’ve bought a Sata Seagate (120GB) and a Sata Hitachi (400GB)


Yeah, Hitachi small and mostly in the lappy biz (2.5" hdd, I thinkl), but surely worth to be checked out. :wink:

Sorry, no idea how to get rid of the (original thread) trouble…


Don’t worry, thanks anyway :slight_smile: .