APorts shows open ports - do I need to forward?

Looking at Active Ports, it shows that the 7 BTs I have open are using 11 ports and it shows the remote IP addys. The highest d/l speed I’ve achieved is up in the 60s, but most everything is d/l from 1 - 22 kb/s.

I have a comcast cable connection, so my max d/l speed is 8.x mbps. Should I port forward?

I have Zone Alarm free. How would I port forward and what, exactly does it mean?

I just did a test and the ports are apparently according to a test. So, why are my speeds so low? Any thoughts? Is it the number of connections and their speeds?

What BT program are you using? And what is the port range you’ve assigned?

I’m using BitTornado. The port range is the default range of 10000 to 60000 and is set to randomize. There is no rhyme or reason to the open port numbers that I can see. The low port numbers range from 1607 to 3661 - uploading? and the high port numbers range from 16095 to 56746 - downloading? I get this info by looking at Active Ports.

I use utorrent & Azureus and fixed ports above 50000 and in ZoneAlarm Pro I set these ports to be open (Allow incoming/Allow outgoing) for both TCP & UDP. I guess you could randomize within a more limited range & open up these ports by range. However, this can leave you more open to attack.

It’s possible that your ISP detects that you’re running P2P & throttles back the speed on the ports it detects. There is a way in the BT clients I use to overcome this but I don’t know about BitTornado.

I use ZA free. It asks permission for each instance of BT that I open.

I have to call comcast and ask if they limit bandwidth, but from what I understand from my conversation with them yesterday, my maxes are u/384k, d/8.5m.

Bit Tornado was recommended to me by a friend who has thousands of shows. She’s pretty literate, but not a geek. Is there an advantage to uTorrent? What is Azarus? Something I stumbled across on the net leads me to believe it’s very differnt, but I can’t remember what it was.

My connections in APorts are all listed as tcp. I don’t believe I’m using udp, but I’m not very familiar with it at all.

My upnp is disabled in services.

Should I limit the ports?

I believe that you should limit the range of ports used personally. Unfortunately I don’t know how ZA free works that’s different to the Pro version. Obviously the protection offered will be higher than the free one & the functions/facilities available more extensive.

Have a look at utorrent here . I’ve found it to be the best so far. It’s a lightweight app that uses very limited resources. Runs great on my slow laptop.

I have the exact opposite problem, I forward a fixed port as per instructions from a link for my dsl model/router with utorrent and I have to limit bandwidth or I can’t even surf, course I am maxed out at 150-170 KB/s

Unless you’re using a router, you won’t need to port forward and as your ports are already open, it doesn’t sound like you are and port forwarding would serve no purpose anyway. Your downloads are slow because of the number of BT sessions open at once; you’re sharing your bandwidth between them. Also, run a speed test, even though your connection is advertised as 8 MB, you’ll never see that, especially on cable in the evening. I have run BitTornado and now utorrent and both are good but I prefer utorrent. Azureus is geared more towards tweakers and the more computer literate and uses Java, I believe. It also used to be very resource heavy but I don’t believe it still is.