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I must say sorry for previous messsage, i didnt explain myself and didnt get a chance as topic was locked.

I used bit torrent to download something i already had on dvd. I have tried to rip the office series 1 already but it failed, so that is why i downloaded it from the net. If this is still classed as piracy i will happily delete. But i actually own the original dvd.

So if anyone could answer my previous question, i would be greafull.


I guess bit torrent are filled with illegal movies and other stuff, so from my point off view it’s against forum rules.

If you ovn the original you can contact the firm who ditribute them and have a exchange for some money.

If office series one are Microsoft Office then contact dealer or Microsoft for exchange.

If you can’t you learned to take care of your stuff.

The office i own is a english televison series.
My dvd is fine but i wanted to make a back up copy but it just doesnt seem to play when i have copied it to a recordable dvd.

My original is fine thats why i asked previous question.

Thanks for reply though


Does your copy work in your dvd burner.

It could be that your stand alone dvd player are not compatible with DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW.

What software are you using