Apologies in Advance - Stupid Questions on TY media

Hi Everyone,

I’m really sorry to post these questions, as I’m sure you’ve all heard them TONS of times before. I tried a search, and couldn’t come up with the answers, so I thought I’d post.

Little background: I’m looking to get some DVD-R disks. I was wanting Taiyo Yuden disks, and don’t really need anything faster than 4x or 8x, tops.

  1. I’ve seen so many threads talking about Taiyo ‘value’ disks, ‘premium’ disks, etc. What are all the types of disks that you can get? Which ones are the ‘good’ ones? People were saying that the value disks sucked.

  2. I really like the matte silver tops. I dont’ like the shiny tops, since they smudge and look bad. I don’t need printable tops, as I just use a sharpie.

  3. Where do you guys recommend that I purchase the disks? I live in the U.S.

So, to wrap it up, I would like some of the ‘good’ TY disks, 8X speed or slower, matte silver top. Please help me out.


If you don’t like shiny tops - then you would have to go with the “Made In Japan” Fuji or Sony rebranded Taiyo Yuden-

I have been using shiny tops with sharpies for years without problems (should handle discs by edges or center hole anyway) and therefore have been able to use the ‘value discs’ from www.shop4tech.com and www.supermediastore.com and the great Ricoh 4x R01’s from www.allmedia.com all of which I have found to be equal to any Fuji or unbranded taiyo Yuden premium discs-

Your call - and your money-


You won’t find matte finish generic TY, only shiney and printable.

Go to www.rima.com and peruse the TY there. They do not sell “value line”. Value line TY is nothing other than old stock and factory rejects.

If you have an 8x burner, stick with 8x TY. TY no longer distributes 4x media, although you can sometimes still find old 4x value line stock. TY G02 (8x-R) is an excellent bargain right now. IMHO, a better value than “value-line” stock.

Thanks for the replies, guys.

bigmike, I guess I can live with the shiny disks. I just don’t like how they look as much as the matte finished ones. I used to get Ritek G04s with a matte finish, and I really love the way these disks look. I know that’s a pretty stupid reason to buy a brand of disks, lol.

rdgrimes, how would I know if I am buying value line vs. the normal stuff? There is a deal right now at supermediastore for real cheap 4x TY disks, with free shipping. It seems that they are value line (due to the complaints I’ve read about), but is there a way to tell for sure? Like a specific model # or something?

If you want the best - don’t expect to get it cheap. Or, if you buy TY’s own discs (not valueline) you can expect pretty good discs :slight_smile:

One more question relating to the ‘value’ line stuff. I’m ordering a bunch of other stuff from newegg. Do you guys know if these disks would be any good? The price is a little more than www.rima.com, but I could save a bit on shipping.

That’s my whole issue though…how do you tell if what you’re buying is valueline?

No reputable seller will sell value line without disclosing it as such. 4x value line is more likely to be 8x or even 16x TY media, so if you have an older burner, avoid this media. Rima refuses to sell value line for these very reasons, you can draw whatever conclusions you like about sellers who do stock value line. Just be aware that what you get probably won’t be 4x media unless the seller specifically states it is “G01” media. IMHO, even calling it “4x” media is misleading and shame on them for doing so.

Yes, you can get a good price on “TY” media with the value line. Call it my own prejudice, but is $0.32 per disc such a big sacrifice for top quality media?

watch out for those value line disks, they are real crap