Apogee cd-r experience? mine isn't good

at work we keep alot of mpegs archived onto cd’s going back to 1997 all the way to 2000. These commercials are stored on different brands of medai(kodak, sony, maxell, verbatim, apogee, there may be a couple of other brands as well) and the brand usually changes according to the time frame.

I would say that at least 60% of the time when i try to pull a file off of an apogee cd-r it; fails to even see the files and just spins forever and locks the computer up, you can see the files on the disk, but when copying it, it just spins forever and finally gives a cyclic reduancy error and cant copy the files over, works but usually a little bit slower. they are usually small files as well, usually 8-15 megs.

none of the other brand cd-r’s give me any of those kinds of problems.

What’s the ATIP and the manufacturer of them?
You can see it with CD-R Identifier, SMART-BURN or Nero CD-DVD Speed.
FYI, LiteOn generally have good error tolerance levels. :slight_smile:

won’t be able to find that out till at least monday, i can recover parts of the file w/ isobuster, but it takes forever and the video is choppy as hell.