Apocalypto german r2 rental version

i don’t want to mix with the other apocalypto threads, because the german rental of this movie isn’t rippable (< does this word exist? :-)).

i tryed newest dvdfab, newest anydvd 6155,6156 combined with dvd decrypter,nero recode, dvd shrink.

nothing works.

has anyone ripped this movie with other tools?

You may have to try to remember the rules of the forum cos you might be crossing the line with this question.
That point has already been mentioned in the other thread anyway. See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1787292&postcount=13

sorry for this i didn’t see it.
but because of this “mix” i opened a new thread. so all progress could be posted here?!

The problem on the original post is due to the fact it is a rental.

I am closing this thread now. Please read the forum rules. Backing up rental movies is not tolerated on this forum. :cop: