APHEX error, please help

can some 1 please help me with this error

APHEX caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:00000013.
EAX=0071fcfc CS=0167 EIP=00000013 EFLGS=00010286
EBX=044bca76 SS=016f ESP=0089a2ec EBP=0089ab48
ECX=0000000a DS=016f ESI=046e3400 FS=3cd7
EDX=00000000 ES=016f EDI=00000000 GS=0f96
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00 54 ff 00 f0 08 80 00 f0 00 e8 00 f0 00 00 00
Stack dump:
0000016f 0071fc8c 00000000 00000005 00000003 0461f698 00000000 00000000 03469b50 0000000a 00000001 00000005 0089a368 0089a378 0089a378 0089a3c

it apears at random times when my friends pc is running .i dont think it is to do with copying but i thought some1 here might be able to help,hes running win 98 if that helps

You don’t have to shout you know…


Quote from it


What errors might I see caused by my firewall/proxy?

Aphex.exe has caused an illegal operation in Module (followed by a sting of several numbers).
Arcade is telling you that it was disconnected from the Internet, which in turn caused an error to occur in the Arcade software (which won’t function without an Internet connection). Many firewalls will disconnect a program that they feel is creating a risk if the firewall is not configured in advance to allow it.


thanx for the help and sorry for shouting lol
he dosent have a firewall he just use normall aol

A O Hell ? shivers

well , remove the gamespy and see if the problem is gone as well.

can u also please help me by telling me what protocal 2002 is
i think its something to do with a games server but im not sure
thanx for all the help. with the help of this site iv managed to backup all the new games and solve alot of other probs iv had with my pc

the protocol refers to game updates, the server might be updated and you game may not be…