Apex DVD players. No VCD?

I’m not sure if this is off-topic or not. Forgive me if it is. I’ve heard that the newer Apex stand-alone DVD players no longer support VCD format. I was wondering why?. Also, if they no longer play SVCD format? Reason being is that I always convert my DVDs to SVCD format, so I can leave the originals that I purchase in pristine condition. This is especially true for DVDs we buy for our children. I cringe when I see how they handle the media. Well, our AD-1500 is getting old (relatively speaking), and we’ve been thinking of getting another Apex player, but before plunging into it, I’d like to verify that a newer produced unit will handle SVCD. I’d prefer to do it without having to resort to firmware hacks, etc. Region Free, Macrovision, RCE immune, make no difference to me. Just the ability to play DVD and SVCD does. Many thanks for reading this.

Can you specify any link to product specification or something? I don’t know any Apex DVD player that does not read VCD.

[EDIT] If you meant SVCD, not VCD, it’s a different matter.

Here’s the product information for “Released APEX Digital DVD Players” and all the players in the list support VCD, SVCD, and DVD.


from PriceGrabber.


i read at www.vcdhelp.com it cost Apex $4 per player for licensing rights to the vcd format, so they dropped it.

“The patent holders want $4.00 per unit for VCD licensing. We beleive it is not worth it on a $70.00 machine. The $4. was figured when players were $1000.00 Sony, Philips and Pioneer hold the patent. Perhaps when license fees are restructured in line with
the sale price we will consider. Until then we do not support VCD.”

go here to check a players format compatibility:

Thanks for all the replies! I think I understand now.

@Kenshin: I checked the link to Apex you posted, but noticed that none of the players list VCD anymore, but they all support SVCD, so I’m fine with that.

@Daemonicus: Thanks! That was what I had heard, but could not find it printed anywhere.

I’m sorry for the confusion regarding VCD & SVCD in my post. All I was really concerned about was that if I went into a store and purchased a new AD-1100W, or something comparable, that it would play SVCD. I’m hoping to score a new unit this month when the major retailers have their “Black Friday” specials.

I just picked up a new Pioneer DV-250 that Wal Mart just started carrying for 98 bucks. I went through all their display models hooking them up and testing wich ones would play a SVCD. The pioneer and Apex were the only models that played it.

You should have seen the guy that was working in the electronics section. He thought I was crazy. When I explained to him what I was doing, I just got that glassed over look and a couple of “uh huh, mmm” replies from him. He did let me hook them all up though.:slight_smile:

just go here and get a fixed firmware , macrovision fix, vcd, region free


@Kenshin: I checked the link to Apex you posted, but noticed that none of the players list VCD anymore, but they all support SVCD, so I’m fine with that.

Right, the Apex official product links do not specifically say “VCD” but PriceGrabber’s Apex player specifications still say VCD like this: “Media Supported: Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MP3, Video CD (VCD)”

VCDHelp.com Apex DVD player list:


I haven’t looked deeply into all the models and threads.

The patent issues are the most important reasons why Taiwan and China are trying to create their own DVD (not really DVD though) standard. It has been the same with CD-R license fee between Philips/Sony/TY and Ritek/CMC/Prodisc/etc.

The nerd-out.com site seems very helpful for Apex buyers/owners.