Apex DVD player won't read DVD's recorded with GSA-4120B

I’m having a rather odd hardware problem, and I wonder if anyone has some insight or advice. I have 2 DVD players … an old APEX 500 (still works great) and a newer JVC home entertainment system. I decided to get a DVD burner specifically so I could make DVD’s to watch on both systems, but especially the APEX. I first bought an HP external DVD burner, with a batch of DVD+R disks (web research indicated that the APEX 500 would only play +R’s) … some Memorex & some Kodak. I authored & burned a couple of DVD’s using Ulead Movie Factory 3 and they worked great on both the JVC & the APEX. I decided to return the external DVD burner and purchase an internal, and after some research I settled on the Pioneer DVR-108 dual layer burner … good reviews, good price. I created a couple of DVD’s on the same Memorex DVD+R disks using the same Ulead software. They work fine in the JVC … but they won’t work in the APEX!! After spinning around for a bit, the APEX indicates that the disk is damaged, and then indicates there is no disk. Again, same brand disks & same software. Exactly the same thing happened with the Kodak disks.

I ended up returning the Pioneer, and I just installed an LG GSA-4120B. SAME $£%& PROBLEM!!

Can anyone help? I intend to keep GSA-4120B, but if I can’t produce disks that work on the APEX it really defeats the main purpose of buying it in the first place!


I would use a program such as the freebee DVdINFOpro or Nero for that matter to compare what booktype a DVD that plays in the Apex with one that does not. DVDinfoPro can be found at :


Click on media for that information.

Already been there Peter! They’re the same … DVD+R … am I right in assuming that you thought bitsetting might be the issue?

Boy, that is just too weird. I’d try burning one as a DVD Rom booktype, but you probably have tried that. You may find something on this DVD compatibility site, but you probably were already there.
Else, DVD players are so cheap now, you could probably get one for a fraction of what the Apex cost. Those coasters are costing already.

Wierd certainly describes it, Peter. You’re right, I’ve been to www.videohelp.com … I actually checked that out before buying the burner(s). I haven’t tried burning one as a DVD-RPM booktype though … I confess I’m not sure how I’d do that. :confused:
I’m certainly approaching the point of getting another DVD player. At this pint, there’s 4 things keeping me from going there 1) the fact that I bought the damn burner in the first place to play burned DVD’s on my APEX 2) cheapness 3) curiosity about what the hell is going on 4) simple Irish stubbornness!!
So, I think I’ll persever onwards for a little while longer anyway. Any help would most certainly be most greatly appreciated> :slight_smile:

The problem is bitsetting. HP burners as I recall set +r as dvd-rom via it’s firmware. Poineer/LG do not. DVDInfoPro allows you to set LG booktype though not sure if the freeware version allows that. You could give that a try … or Nero does also. The LG must have firmware 104 or A111.

it sure seems to be a bitsetting problem. yes dvdinfo free version will set booktype in the lg burner a-ok. the newest version of nero will also burn +r as dvd-rom by default.