Apex DVD Player - discontinued but a hot-ticket item on eBay

I just posted the article Apex DVD Player - discontinued but a hot-ticket item on eBay.

Cnet has an intresting story on Apex DVD players, these DVD players are discontinued but are still very populair on sites like eBay. This is because the naughty manufacturers of the DVD players had…

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There are other Brands available that you can get a “hacked” firmware for and then you have a VCR friendly player.

I have this little box that was used to copy pre-recorded vcr vhs videos to another video tape. It is called a digital image stabilizer & was about $40. It seems to work flawlessly on all DVD signals coming from my ATI card & going into my VCR…get one…

Ya those work too. Most VHS tapes have Macrovision on them so it is really the same thing.

Actually, all those cheap DVD players that use a certain chipset have those hidden menu’s. I think its a SIS video decoder chipset and all those players that work with these chipsets kind of look like each other. Also build out of standard PC DVD player units. But manufacturers change the codes to get into those menu’s. They are being used to set the region ID for the country the DVD player is shipped to. However I think they had no right to add an option for turning of the macrovision copy right protection, since this should never be turned off, so alot of newer DVD players didn’t had the macrovision option in those hidden menus anymore. Removing the menus didn’t worked to well tough,… since you can load other firmware versions in these players.

Check out the Nerd-out.com forums for information on current DVD players that defeat macrovision and are region selectable. One I’ve thought about getting is the Daewood 5800 which is available through Sams club/Walmart here in the States for $89. Seems there is a simple software firmware flash that can be done to this player to enable the features. I don’t need one though as I already have a vintage Apex Ad-600 and a Genica DVD player that have these features.

I’ve got an Apex original and it’s amazing!!Although a couple of DVD’s knew it had been modified and wouldn’t play.“The Animal” with Rob Schnieder wouldn’t play in it.But Most DVD’s play just fine right into the S-VHS VCR and someday when the format war is over it’ll go right into whichever DVD+RW /+R,-RW/-R I end up buying!!:4

Some DVD players know that you modified it, because you can add software on the DVD player. Well I think they can ask if region 1 is allowed to play on his machine… then the software tries the same for region 2, if thats also a yes, your machine is modded :). Not sure for a fact if it works completely like that, but I do know, that if you set your player to the correct region ID instead of ANY, it should work.

Yes , Apex is VERY VERY old news - things have moveed on a little.Get over to www.area450.com , the Sampo 631cf dvd player is the ONLY player anyone should consider , as it does EVERYTHING the Apex ever did / does BUT its the ONLY player in the world that allows you to fit a standard IDE hard drive - many people that own Sampos have 120 mp3 juke boxes in their machines… - NO other player comes close to this…

if you have a look at www.vcdhelp.com there’s a long list of players with hidden menus I have a rank arena that allows disabling of macrovision and css :slight_smile: