Apex AD-1200 plays +R or -R DVD's?

Does anyone have this dvd player? I got mine at walmart for like 65 bucks over a year ago. I am about to buy media, and I was wondering if anyone knows which this drive plays from experience.

This is a media question, relating to hardware… hope I posted it in the right forum.

I have several Apex DVD players but not that model. The ones I have AD1225 and AD1110 play most anything I throw at them mpeg files, svcd, burned DVDs, mp3s jpeg slide shows.

check videohelp.com/dvdplayers and type in your player model/number in the “Search Player” input. It says there that it can read + and - but you might want to check the comments.

Interesting!! Just what I was lookin for. Thanks v much!

Now I got some new questions… quote from the comments on link above:

REPAIR ISSUES: Most DVD players contain standard DVD drives connected with an IDE cable just like a computer. You CAN but a replacement DVD drive from a store, change out the face plate and stick it in the Apex-1200.

??? is this true???

Another quote:

after i used a flash i found for it … it would play vcds outta the box it would not …

now plays anything i throw at it

What??? Flash? How?

Well… I just finished voiding my warranty to find out the answer to question 1… nope, that dude’s 100% wrong about this player. It does NOT use standard IDE cables, nor any kind of standard mounting or drive. He musta been thinkin of an xbox or something.

Hmmm… how to flash it… hmmm… any ideas?



I’ll be damned, nifty! Thanks for the help guys!