Apes can also have a 'midlife crisis'

Chimpanzees going through a midlife crisis? It sounds like a setup for a joke.

But there it is, in the title of a report published Monday in a scientific journal: “Evidence for a midlife crisis in great apes.”

So what do these apes do? Buy red Ferraris? Leave their mates for some cute young bonobos?

Moar? http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2012/11/19/sci-tech-apes-midlife-crisis.html

Oly, that’s a terrible thing to say! My red Ferrari has nothing to do with my SugarDaddy chained to the dungeon wall-! Nor does my black one, or the silver one! So there-! Nyah-!

(OK OK, so the Aston Martin MIGHT have a little do with sugardaddies… after all, I could have ended up with only DaTax’s never-bought '66 Mustang if Hubby hadn’t mumbled out something like “DB9”.)

After all, it’s HIS midlife crisis. But Hubby’s never needing those cars. No, he’s only screaming about “Let me out!! Save me! She’s trying to kill me!” Silly things like that.

“Midlife crisis,” that’s all I have to tell the police before they go away. Most of them can’t read Morse Code, thankfully.

That reminds me - I’ve got to seal up those wooden shutters.

I am sure they can I see them all the time on tv with midlife crisis they are called politicians.

Wait I think I just insulted Apes

Oh, you DEFINITELY did. In fact, single-celled organisms would get their dander up.

I know of a good way to describe politicians that doesn’t insult mother nature at all, neither does it insult her creatures: