Aperion Home Audio Link

Aperion’s new HAL wireless audio dongle lets you stream any digital audio from your computer, iPod, or other device to a variety of audio equipment.

Even better, you can add additional receivers to distribute the audio to multiple systems.

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In its most basic configuration, you plug in the transmitter into your computer via USB and the receiver into your, um, receiver (you know, the audio one).

The two communicate on their own, so no wireless network is required. The transmitter can be received by up to three receivers.

You can also hook up the transmitter to your iPod directly (via the headphone jack). Differentiating this product from many others, you can also hook up the transmitter to the subwoofer output on your receiver, and plug the receiver (the Aperion one) to your subwoofer, inexpensively getting you a wireless subwoofer.
Link: http://www.hemagazine.com/Aperion_Home_Audio_Link