.ape to CD - please advise



Hi folks.

I have several .ape files and I want to burn them to CD.

OK so first I tried a shareware app called Ape2CD.

It burned the files but inserted annoying gaps between the tracks. Normally I could live with this, but the music isn’t really meant to have such gaps, the tracks are intended to flow into one another. The app stopped working after 3 tries and there doesn’t seem to be any way to make it not insert gaps anyway, and I refuse to fork out cash for something that denies me such a simple option.

OK then I downloaded something called burnatonce which looked promising. But when I try to open the .cue file with it I get an error message. “Incorrect bin filename found in curesheet”. Great!

OK so then I download and install Monkey’s Audio (version 3.97). When I use it to try and decompress the file it tells me “invalid input file” in the Status column. It won’t play the file either. It won’t decompress or convert the other files (which it doesn’t give me an error message for.

OK so next I download and install EAC (the version with a CD burner.) I try to burn a CD using the burn option, but when I load the cue sheet it tells me the file type is not supported. It doesn’t seem to want to decompress the file to .wav either.

Can anyone advise? I’d be really grateful. I’m more than a little fed up with this problem. What’s the f***ing deal with these .ape files? I’ve also got Winamp installed by the way and the Monkey’s Audio thing told me it had installed a Winamp plugin, but Winamp will not play the file any more than it would before I installed the Monkey’s Audio.


Hi Tal, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

APE files are also known as Monkey’s Audio files, and this is a lossless audio compression format created by Matthew T. Ashland also known as “Monkey”.

There’s a newer version 4.01b2 of Monkey’s Audio that you might want to try to see if these are really APE files at all.

If the Monkey’s Audio program cannot decompress your APE files, there’s something wrong with them as this is THE application that defines this format.

Did you create these files yourself with some program, and in that case which program?

I know for a fact that EAC can a burn a CUE sheet pointing at APE files, because that’s how I have saved some of my CDs. The CUE sheet needs to point at the right files of course, and the APE files need to be in the right format.