*.APE file

I friend of mine has a sound file with an .APE extention. What program could I use to open that?:confused:

Source: Filext.com
.APE Monkey’s Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format (supported by many different players)

Which you could have easily found yourself if you had read the sticky thread in our newbie forum:
File names - what the hell they are

And I wouldn’t read this thread if I were you :bigsmile:

hmm… filext. nice site. I have a similar site, but it’s not near as in depth. Thanks for the help. I got a winamp plugin to play the file from www.monkeysaudio.com


Thank you Taxman for the filext site address, and thanks to compu44 for starting the thread…

The site is so -useful- I felt like it needed some…or a lot of…thanks. :wink: