APE file to MP3 with easy CD-DA extractor


I got an APE file and downloaded ‘easy CD-DA extractor’ for a 30 day trial period in order to cenvert it to MP3 (did not get Monkey’s Audio because I didn’t want to install multiple players on my PC)

The Question: The original APE file is 198 MB, after converting to MP3 i got a file size of 64 MB (converted’ set to ‘cd quality’, i did not set the bit rate)
This probably means I lost a lot of quality on the way right? I doubt MP3 files can compress 3 times better than APE and maintain the quality… I heard that APE files have a very good compresion (this is a full CD)

thanks for the help.

Sounds okay to me… APE is lossless audio, it reduces the size as much as it can without losing ANY quality whatsoever, so those files can be quite large. MP3 is a compressed, lossy format, so while there is a quality loss, at high enough quality settings your ears won’t be able to tell the difference. Who knows what the Easy CDDA people think is “CD Quality”, but if it sounds okay to you, it’s probably fine.