.ape and .cue

I have some folders each containing one .ape and one .cue file. I don’t want to burn to cd preferring to convert to mp3. Using monkey’s audio or imtoo encoder I can extract a wav file from the .ape file (neither program seems to recognise the .cue file). whch Magix Audio Lab can then split into the original tracks as mp3s, but I have no access to the track titles which I assume are in the .cue file. I also tied foobar without success. Any sugestions really welcome!:kiss:

Try having a look at J. River Media Jukebox (freeware) or J. River Media Center (shareware).

The author of Monkey’s Audio works for J. River and their software is supposed to support CUE+APE pretty well.

Tnx Dragemester, I’ll give that a go.

Yep We’re lookin’ good!