Apc media center ups, ymmv but killer deal

This has already been posted at slick deals and fat wallet so most stores are probably out, but I ran across one yesterday at the store by my work (hard marked 41$), and found another one (sucessfully ordered on for in store pickup this morning for 55.94$). Price will change after you sucessfully ad to cart for in store pickup (if you find one). One person reported a shelf tag of 189$, and its 160$ on their site. From what I can tell, it originally retailed for 200-300$ (there are still people trying to sell it for that anyway).
Follow my instructions below to check avalability and to place an in store pickup order.

Here is the link
If that doesn’t work, try searching 886828 on office depots site.
use the check local store avalability. If you are in a metropolitan area, try searcing by city and state and try every surounding city.

If you find one, go to your cart, and select in store pickup at that store BEFORE you add it to the cart, then add it to the cart. Then complete the order as normal. If you dont select in store pickup picup first at a store that has it, it wont let you add it. The price will change after you add it to your cart.

If you cannot find one, you might want to consider looking for other ups’s at office depot as they are clearanceing several of them. I got 2 ativas ones that were 60$, rang 30$ but were hard marked 15$. They also had qa larger ativa one that was 100$, marked 50$ (not sure what they rang, I didn’t buy one), and another apc one for 45$ (half price I think). Some may be cheaper at some stores (I have heard of someone getting the media center one for 36$).

About the media center one (what it is). It slim line and is designed to stand, or be layed on its side like a component in an entertainment center/tv stand. Its quite heavy so it would have to go on bottom/need its own shelf. It has some nifty features voltage regulation (adjusts voltage up or down with out going to battery, by up to 8% if I’m not mistaken). It has a data port similar to ethernet but keyed. Mine came with a usb that was keyed (wont fit into a normal ethernet port). A normal ethernet cable will fit it. In the manual, it showed, network, serial, usb and phone line cables avalable for the data port? I wonder if it can shut down computers over the network (it would be cool if it could shut down multiple computers). It says rack mountable. It has filtering for coxal, ethernet (claims 10/100/viop, phone/fax modem, and has an rj45 size plug that I guess is adaptable). Powere plugs are on the back (6 battery, 2 surge). Here it is on apc’s site.
Good luck. I hope a few can find them.