Apart from Verbatim, next best +R DL disc for 3500?

I KNOW Verbatim are the top Double Layer disc, but still too expensive for me (still around £3.29 per disc in the UK) so please don’t rip me to pieces on this!

Having only ever used a 10 pack of Datawrite 2.4x DL discs (RITEK-D01) previously and only 1 coaster (due to a media flaw), what other DL media would be recommended for the 3500, using Liggy+Dee 2.TG f/w?

I normally buy from SVP.co.uk, so what would people recommend from these available +R DL discs, looking to buy 10:


The 3500 is no longer the drive of choice, but mine is burning fine on SL +R media (yes, Verbatim, I know! You’ll probably rip me to bits on choosing them for SL but not DL!!) so I don’t see the need to replace it yet.

Any thoughts, but no flaming please :slight_smile: , on your DL choices?

Forget all others beside Verbatim in case of DL.

But maybe RICOH DL is worth a try…

I think so :iagree:

Looks like Verbatim then!

Going to buy 50 16x DVD+R Verbatims anyway and seeing as SVP do a Traxdata disc with RICOHJND00 code my maths tell me:

50 x Verbatim 16x DVD+R + 10 Traxdata DL = £39.28 inc VAT/Shipping
50 x Verbatim 16x DVD+R + 10 Verbatim DL = £52.32 inc VAT/Shipping

So, for about 13 quid more I get good quality DL media :slight_smile:

Still bloody expensive though!

Recently I burned 2 Ricohs with my 3500, latest fw 1.A (?). Every standalone player could read the discs, every dvd rom too.

in the usa we get them on sale for 2$, still too expensive for what you get!
verbatim DL

$2 is a good price for the best DL you can get, IMHO.

I guess paying 6 times as much for only twice the space rubs me wrong, and I am still waiting for a good scan of burned DL media.

I crumbled :o

Mr Angel wanted Verbatims, but Mr Devil talked me into the RICOH’s! I’m such a cheapskate :iagree:

Assuming you have the means, please burn and scan some after you get them.

Shouldn’t be a problem IF batches are consistant… I’ve seen some pretty good results with these. Probably also depends on the burner, though.

If the general consensus is they are better than RITEK-D01, I won’t have problem. As stated in my first post my 3500 with Liggy/Dee f/w 2.TG has burned 10 RITEK-D01’s with only 1 coaster!

Discs should be here tomorrow so we’ll see what they do, unfortunately I can’t do a PIE/PIF scan as I’ve no hardware that supports it.

Tranfer rate test with CdSpeed set to “accuracy” will at least show if there is something seriously wrong or not… :wink: (perform this test with no background activity).

Originally Posted by Francksoy
Tranfer rate test with CdSpeed set to “accuracy” will at least show if there is something seriously wrong or not… (perform this test with no background activity).

I do that anyway with every disc burned, so no problem to post a scan!

Err… I’m confused (not difficult for me!). The Traxdata DL discs arrived today, on the back of the jewel case is printed 'Made by RITEK Taiwan :doh: but the MID is RICOH?

Disc Info:

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
 Disc type:       : DVD+R DL
 Book Type        : DVD+R DL
 Manufacturer:    : Ricoh
 MID              : RICOHJPN D00 (001)
 Write speeds:    : 2.4 X
 Blank Capacity   : 7.96 GB
                  : 8152 MB
                  : 8547993600 bytes
Extended Information
 Layers           : 2
 Layer break      : 3.98 GB
 Write strategies : n/a
 Disc Status      : Empty
Raw Data
ADIP Information (11h)
0000 - 01 01 01 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - ................
0010 - 00 3F B0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 34 00 00 C0 - .?..........4...
0020 - C8 D5 05 00 F8 FB FD 7F BF 6F DD 77 AC D5 05 00 - .........o.w....
0030 - 7C 00 00 00 B4 D5 05 00 A0 D5 05 00 7C 00 00 00 - |...........|...

So are these RITEK-D01’s in disguise? Will be trying a burn later tonight!

Don’t panic, Ricoh media is indeed manufactured by Ritek :wink: - it’s still genuine Ricoh media, with Ricoh technology. Just like MCC media made by Prodisc and CMC is genuine MCC media, using MCC dye, technology and stampers.

Ritek is not a bad manufacturer, far from it. The problem with their own discs is that they produce in huge quantities and disregard quality control, I would even say they’re kinda unscrupulous with the way they flood the market with all grades of discs, from good to :Z .

Rest assured, you Ricoh should be fine :iagree:

EDIT Recently, Ricoh also outsources to Moser Baer India, their 8X +R are now MBI discs (with MBI technology) and the ones I have are most excellent. :slight_smile:

Ricoh outsources their manufacturing process to Ritek. Have a look at this page. Maybe this is the reason for the “made by Ritek” label.

Hi Liggy :slight_smile:

Funny typo… :bigsmile:

Oops. Fixed it

Any links to Verbatim DVD+R DL for $2 in the U.S.?