Aparment Complex sued for sharing its broadband connection over Wi-Fi LAN

I just posted the article Aparment Complex sued for sharing its broadband connection over Wi-Fi LAN.

  If you think that files and physical media were the only things you can  share from a PC, think again!  Time Warner Cable has filed a lawsuit against an apartment complex inNew 

York for…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6698-Aparment-Complex-sued-for-sharing-its-broadband-connection-over-Wi-Fi-LAN.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6698-Aparment-Complex-sued-for-sharing-its-broadband-connection-over-Wi-Fi-LAN.html)

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They should have used speakeasy dsl who encourages this type of behaviour.

I think you should be able to sell your broadband if you want. Of course you’d have to be a moron considering it won’t be long before someone is sending up a virus or copyrighted files on your connection and you take the flack. Nevertheless it should still be allowed.

I disagree. When you sign a contract - with the terms and conditions in 3pt font - there are often clauses prevent the resale of a retail-priced contract. I’m not a lawyer but in Australia, you cannot do this period. If you do and you get caught, either pay compensation or go to jail - sometimes both depeding on the judges!..

Well I think this type of thing shouldn’t be allowed just because it’ll cause other LAN users problems. I mean if I’m paying $50 a month for cable internet, and a few of my next door neighbors are doing the same while selling of the bandwidth to reduce their own cost, I not only think of that as unfair for me but also it’ll slow down my internet connection. This reselling idea goes against the promise made by some cable internet companies that your LAN will have a limited number of users in order to have maximum speed.

Err … no it wouldn’t effect your bandwidth, they would be selling their bandwidth on a LAN it would split theirs and not effect you in any way at all.

Good point MadBob:X

No… Actually That would only be true if It was a DSL connection. If they were using Cable, then everybody on that cable is sharing bandwidth.

Actually that’s a very common myth. The DSL line is not shared from your house to the CO, where a cable line is shared across a node, which falls in a geographical area we refer to as a ‘neighborhood.’ However, when your DSL line meets at the CO, and your neighbor’s does as well, as well as his neighbor and their neighbors, where do you think it goes? Bingo! It’s shared at the CO unlike cable which is shared in a node. Pick your poison, neither one can guarantee speed, but DSL’s CO can control how much bandwidth you get based on how much you pay.

kind of the same as cable TV lines in apt buildings. Alot of slum lords just splice cable to every resident and add a charge in the rent. Thats why cable co. pushes digital cable alot easier to manage and track. I think as bandwith becomes less of an issue and technology more wide spread, this will become a common occurance for internet access.

Well yeah if it’s in the contract but few people actually sign a contract for ISP service. I just meant generally. I was referring more to what was actually going on instead of hypothetical legal contracts.

If I share the bandwidth (which has an upper limit) and I also share the price I pay for this bandwidth, so I don’t earn anything, Well, in that case I can arrange that with my ISP. I know alot of people who are sharing bandwidth and my ISP knows about it and accepts it, because my ISP ain’t losing anything, but the client(s) lose bandwidth. On the other hand, reselling bandwidth is commerce, and if you have no special contract with your ISP and no commerce license, you’re doomed.