Apache server

I have a XP computer with a pretty good internet speed (Even though it is wireless :rolleyes:) and I am thinking of running my own website. I have thought about using apache sever, i have made a local server, however i don’t know how to get it on the World Wide Web. Any suggestions?

Ok. I have done ALL of those steps and its just a local network site. IT is still not on the World Wide Web.


Did you try typing in “localhost” or “127.0.01” in the browser window? The local apache server should listen to those “websites” on your local computer.

i did try to do that, and yes it did work. (even with my own ip yes it showed the pages i put there. However they are on the local intranet, not the internet. I want them on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Can i do that with apache? (Im a total newbie, in apache)

In other words if another computer i typed in “” it would show my websites because they are on my network. I want them on the world wide web so everyone can see them.

If you run Apache on your own computer, your website is hosted on your own computer. This means everyone can see your website on your IP address. However, is not your real IP address… what does http://www.whatismyip.com/ says? I’m not sure how to get your ‘real’ IP if you have a network setup. I think is your “internal” IP address in your network, but not the IP you have from your provider.

The thing is i have several computers under one ip address ( if i go “” then it wont load and give me an error. If i do it with then it works, but only from the other computers on my network. When i installed apache for the first time it gave me a window asking me for my network domain, server name, and email. in the domain it said “vf.shawcable.net” in the server name it says “vlad.vf.shawcable.net” and in email it says nothing so i enter my email. Is this the right way to go?

I think it has to do something with the network setup of your home network. You have to redirect your incoming requests to your PC running the apache. Maybe in the router or something, but I don’t have any experience with that sorry. Maybe you should give it a try by connecting to your PC directly to your Internet connection, just to see if Apache is working.

If I understood the problem, your local server is not visible on internet. Maybe you need to set a DNS for your machine, so your computer will be visible on the net.

See here

btw… being me totally ignorant in this stuff, sorry if my suggestion is completely useless :flower:

ok i got a dns, but how do i put it on my machiene?



I did exacly what the instructions said and it doesnt work. More suggestions?

Did you forward the port from outgoing connections to the ip with the webserver on it? If you have no clue what i’m talking about click here.

You can check here how to enable port forwarding in your router/modem.

A dns is a Domain Name Service. All it does is make a nice website name translate into a correct ip adress. For instance: www.google.com = around here.

I partialy get it. So you could click here or you can go and still get to the same address. However to set my forward port thing i can seem to find my model number (SB5101). What do i do?

I have set up my domain name. vladrulzwithcanada.dyndns.org but it doesnt work. The only thing that does work is if i go to another computer in my network and type in it shows the index for my apache server. Now i have a Motorola SB5101 and I have no idea how to configure it.