Apacer announces MLC SSDs with SLC performance and reliablity

We’ve just posted the following news: Apacer announces MLC SSDs with SLC performance and reliablity[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2013/09/myce-apacer-logo-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]
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That sounds like a poor sort of marketing.

Apacer was the first company in the world to introduce several products or unique features of some existing products:
1.In 2006 introduced world’s first 2.5" SATA RAID Flash Drive (SRFD) that increases data reliability and security;
2.In 2008 introduces SSD+ Optimizer, the world’s first Solid State Drive (SSD) optimization solution with HyperFast technology from innovator Diskeeper Corporation
3.In 2010 Apacer introduces the world’s first four dual SSD solutions – CSFD, SRFD, SHFD and SUFD, adding additional functions to the SSD

I think the term “generic” is better suited than “world’s first.”

Lol. Generic is mediocre, and sounds very “race to the bottom”.

I didn’t realize that Apacer was anything other than a dragging their feet me too company.

I’ve typically found most of their products to be mediocre performance and less than average durability.

But then again, I stopped buying anything that was Apacer a few years ago, due to consistently bad experiences.