Has anyone heard of this company?
If so is it any good?
I have a ‘DUW1616L PRO’ anyone know if this is good?

AOpen no longer makes their own drives [which is a good thing].

DUW1616L Pro is manufactured by Lite-On. So, yes, it is a good drive.

Look. AOpen 1616L on the left, Lite-On 165P6S on the right. See the similarities?

So the Aopen drive is indeed Lite-On 165P6S oem ?
I’ve always wanted to get a LiteOn but never found it in Egypt , while Aopen is available .

This drive is definitely a Lite-On.

Its specs are closer to 160P6S than 165P6S, but there are some firmware differences from both Lite-On models. DUW1616L Pro doesn’t do -RAM, but it does -R DL at 8x.