Aopen releases CRW4850: 48/12/50 CD-RW drive

I just posted the article Aopen releases CRW4850: 48/12/50 CD-RW drive.

Our friends from CDRLabs already spotted this one, but Aopen is coming with a new drive that supports up to 50x reading of CD discs. The drives writes CD-Rs at a maximum of 48x CAV and to CD-RW…

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Hmm seems like Aopen has been looking at Plextor with their Speed Boost function since it works in the exact same way as Plextor’s SpeedRead. Personally I think that this is not a good thing. You can use the drive at 50X but we can’t garantee the disc won’t blow up… 40X reading and recording is fast enough for me. Aopen should have better spend more time on increasing the CD-RW speed to 24X.

Trust me … at 50X that A-Open drive is gonna break your disc … the company’s past record is …

Then you also have to say that Plextor has been looking at Asus. The ancient Asus CD-ROM drives have a similar function except that you can use the play(=speed) button to decrease the speed. But I totally agree that they should have made it UltraSpeed CD-RW compatible. btw. I made a small review of this drive on the CDRLabs forum

Sony had a similar feature on their 40x writer too. Hopefully you can run the Speed Boost at any time instead of having to do it before you put the disc in. :r

It’s about time Liteon released there 52x52x32 burner :4

Or they could have been looking at creative… My old Creative 52x reader had an orange “Turbo” button on it that increased or decreased reading speed by 10x. Neat feature, but the drive didnt last very long…