I purchased a dvd writer at costco,on the box it is marked Aopen but i was looking to find firmware on google and when i entered the number of my writer which is DVD630VI it opens as an HP,so i was wondering is hp making these dvd writers for Aopen.

thanks :slight_smile:

HP doesn’t actually make burners, just rebadges them. I think that this may be a rebadged Benq, which makes it a very good drive. If it’s a Benq, the best thing to do would be to crossflash the firmware to make it a Benq, you may want to search through the Benq forum to confirm if it’s a true Benq and if so, how to crossflash it.

but it’s not a Benq it’s a Aopen

Search the burner forum with your drive information, and see what pops up.