Aopen Dvd1648/bkh

I have just purchased AOPEN DVD1648/BKH from auction it was meant to be new but did not have CD or manual with it.
It reads DVD discs but won’t play them, I am using FREEDVD player it says I need codec hardware.
I have found out that the drive is called BDV-316C and the firmware is A001.
Do I need to install this or flash it or update etc
I have downloaded MTKWinFlash I havent done anything yet, what should I do next? I don’t have copy of A001 - not sure

You need to purchase a true software DVD Player like PowerDVD or WinDVD.

Tried that one got a small result but another problem the whole sceen scrambles and the computer freezes.
I noticed in the dvd drive properties that firmware is .20R
I think it should be A001.
Is it a firmware problem or elsewhere?

hello again
I am using Video lan DVD player it is working but if I go to full screen it scrambles the picture and freezes the computer.
It tends to work better if I increase my screen resolution.
would Power DVD player fix that?