Aopen DVD+-RW ISU 8424E

Hey all, my problem is this: I have an inspiron 9300 that came with a Sony dw-q58a. It stopped reading burnt DVD’s and writing to blank media (Maxell). So, i replaced it with an Aopen isu 8424e (new,MFG. in DEC. 2005) from Ebay. The Aopen drive will not properly read recorded cd’s , commercial cd’s ( music ), nor will it burn them. The Aopen drive has no trouble with dvd’s though.
I am at a loss. I have re-formatted my Hard drive and re-installed Windows XP Pro. I am using SP2, + all applicable updates except SP3. I thought SP3 may have something to do with it. Now I’m not so sure.
I have scoured these forums among others to no avail. I have messed with the firmware, made sure the settings in services were correct, uninstalled the device, deleted lower filters, as there were no uppers to delete. I was just using windows buit in cd burning feature prior to the re-format. Since that no longer worked, I tried sonic DLA , nothing.
Does anyone have any ideas? I think I got a junk drive from ebay…
I since have found an NEC 6650A and have bought it, from Ebay once again. When will I learn? I have heard good things about these drives. Thanks in advance for any input.

This NEC I got from Ebay works like a charm. Thanks for viewing.