I’ve bought thatt drive and got RICOH DVD+R with it and it works fine no problems with burn it and no reading problems.

DVD+RW runs fine too for ex ESPERANZA 4.7 DVD+RW 4x

All problems has started when I tried Esperanza DVD+R 4x and TDK 4x.

But there was no problems with burning that DVDs and all others, no errors, I’ve done it in NERO (I’ve got it with drive).

First I’ve been recorded TDK DVD+R 4x and no problems at all good writing and reading too.

Second I’ve been recorded esperanza 4.7 DVD+R 4x - everythg ok,
when I tried to read it evrything was ok. But latter 3,4 times try to read it again and supprised drive has had problems to read it I had to put it in and out about 20 times to work. And even then bad reading speed.

[I’ve new firmware 1.11]

I thought ok esperanza is cheap so not reason to expect too much.

So I tried to burn TDK again the same one as first: DVD+R 4x

What supprise it was when I tried to read it. Drive was still flickering at orange (led). I couldn’t read them anyway.

So I thought maybe drive is damage.

But I still could record and read without any problems esperanza DVD+RW 4x so itt cann’t be damage.

So I tried to find out what it could be. Entered on Aopen site at forum and found tthatt other users had the same situation.

Bad message is thatt I couldn’t find any explanasion on that.

The second problem was I couldn’t register at thatt forum at aopens site, I don’t no why.

Maybe someone knows how to make it works fine.

I heard that using Verbatim DVD+R for ex datalife plus should help.

But there is one more thing that the good recorded DVDs differ from others that bad DVDs has thin stripe around leadin area. It’s really important I think coz good recorded ones has only differ in shade between leadin and other part of surface.

If sb knows solution thx for advice