I’ve recently purchased an AOpen DSW1812P DVD writer and I’m finding it very slow to write data to FAT32 formatted DVD-RAM disks. It takes 45 minutes to write 1Gig of data but to write the same 1Gig of data to a UDF formatted DVD-RAM disk it only takes 15 minutes. Why the big difference in write speeds?


Look here, This should answer all your questions.

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Thanks for the link.

Basically what it’s saying is that FAT32 is inherently slower than UDF, yes?



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By any effort I would avoid buying and using AOpen drive sine they are nothing but trouble.


FAT32 it is slower than UDF for big files, if you write small files it is as fast or even faster for small data files.
It depends (to compute the 45 minutes) on maximum speed of the used disc and you have to take into account that DVD-RAM checks for data integrity and this slows it down for the sake of security. However it can write in the background and you can use the machine while it works and this you can’t do with faster unreliable RWs.