Aopen DVD-R 16X media!

Has anybody heard about it ?

A friend of mine in Cairo got me some discs as well as LS HP 16X DVD+R (CMC MAG M01 :doh: ) but I will get them next Wednesday , what could their MID be ?

Had a look on to see if it’s listed? :slight_smile:

I did but was not listed ,
BTW : could the HP LS DVD+R 16X be MCC004 ?

nope hp wont be i dont think it will more then likely be cmc as most of my hp stuff has been :slight_smile: but there could be that slim chance

Aopen DVD-R 16X turned out to be PRODISC S05 !

I just got them for testing and would not use them as a secondary or even for giveaways :bigsmile:

Now it is on :

Except for the PIE mountain at the end it’s okay for giveaways. Just wonder what the price is like…

That’s not a mountain - that’s only a mole hill, and you know what you shouldn’t do with a mole hill!?! :cool:

A maximum PIE value of 81 is nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t sniff at that for everyday use, Prodisc’s fine for that. :slight_smile:

Argh, I wanted to say that except for the PIE mountain at the end it’s a good scan.

But then again I had almost no sleep last night :doh:

It is .40$ per disc in slim cases , I just got 5 discs for testing and I wouldn’t buy any more because CMC MAG E01 is slightly more expensive and Panasonic TYG03 is not that more expensive too :bigsmile: