Aopen DVD/CD writer not writing CD's

Hello All.

My new DUW1608/ARR arrived this morning. I’ve been able to write DVD’s on my 4x discs without any problems.

However I’ve not been able to write more than a few CD’s - and it seems t
be getting worse. I get a series of errors inc.

Session fixation error
Could not perform endtrack
could not perform fixation
unspecified target error.

I’ve turnded of DMA. I discoverd that I can burn a small amount a date (a few text files to a copuple of mp3’s) without any trouble, but any larger amount it fails (at any speed.)

I’ve tried both types of media I have, one cheap, the other less so (D-Vision), but i’ve had problems with neither on my previous recorder.

I wondering whether or not I need to let the dealer know I want to return the drive - or whether it’s fixable. I’m using Nero Express OEm, though I get the same ‘write error’ in CloneCD.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.


(ps - in the nero settings it only rates the dirve at 4x instead of 16? Is this simply a shortcomign of Nero?)

The other error message is ‘focus or tracking’


IMHO AOPEN are crap. bought a new AOPEN CDR 523252 and it all but died after 3 months. if at all possible RMA that POS and get a different brand. . .cos basically, the AMOUNT of errors you are getting should just NOT be happening with a brand new drive straight from the box…and if don’t work too well straight from the box…well there’s not much chance of it getting a whole lot better.


For the record - and anyone else reading, I tried some of my brother-in-laws CD’s, and then bought some memorex 52x 80min, CDR, and haven;t had any trouble with either of them.

It seems like the drive is a little fussy, but does write fine.

Thanks - Steve