AOpen DVD 1648 Review /comments?



Hi All,

I’m looking at getting one of these (AOpen DVD 1648) to replace an LG gdr8163b, the driving reason being that the LG is a REALLY slow reader.

Ripping CD’s takes forever and DVD’s start reading at X3 which as a bit of a bugger when you are tring to copy at X4 !! Read the threads in here and it seems there is nothing that can be done, so out it goes…

So I guess my main question is will the 1648 out perform the gdr8163b on the ripping and copying stakes ??

TIA !!



After findong a HUGE thread here on the drive I took the plunge and brought one. It’s quicker than the LG, I can now do disc 2 disc copies on the fly so I’m happy…