Aopen DVD 1648/AAP and DVD Decrypter

Hey Jo here and I need some info on the reading speeds for my new Apoen DVDROM and Decrypter. I read most of the post here and all are saying how fast this drive is, so my question…
when ripping a move my read rate falls below 0.7x, It will start out fine. approx 7.5x but as soon as the buffer reaches 100% (about 12-14 sec it will drop as fast as I can blink.) In the pass it would take about 35 to 1hr. to do a movie… now I can go to sleep and wake up. I have updated my system alittle, here are my current specs…all updates flashes have been made with the old system and in the past I used my burner as a reader, thats the reason
for the Aopen.

P3 1334 ghz 512 L2
over 1gig ram
WD 1200 Hd
also WD 80 Hd on usb
DVDROM Aopen 1548/AAP
Pioneer 107

Old specs
p3 800 256 L2
512 ram
WD 1200 HD.
Pioneer 107

Are you internal or external? Are you on the same cable as your HD? Have you checked that DMA is enabled? I don’t think this is the problem, but Nero’s DriveSpeed is needed to max out the AOpen read rate.

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That the buffer goes up to 100% is odd. Like your hdd can’t reach up to the transfer rate. You have the same problem with the Pioneer?

Is it when you transfer to your USB hard disk?

Im running internal, my DvdRom and writer are on the same cable, hard drive on the other and one on usb. (os win2k spk4) DMA is on so nero says, and in awardbios there is only cdrom or auto selections. I’ve tried all, and rechecked with nero for DMA usage. My understanding is for optimizing try not to use the auto selections.
I have been looking for awardbios and w2k definitions and tweaks (black viper) is currently not available… so i’m lost here and cant seem to find a good site.
I currently installed pgcEdit and plugins to help with DVD Decrypt on those disks that DVD Decrypt will not work on… Oh by the way I’m talking about single layer backup and not DL…

I’m not really sure how to use Nero’s DriveSpeed to (speedtrick) I kinda got lost reading all those posts.

Yes both Rom and writer do the samething… I notice that at the beginning of each file, it will run to max then go to zero point something 0.6 or 7

I guess I could send pic’s of msconfig, services, Bios,or anything else that will help in TS this problem…


If they both do the same thing then the problem is either in the cable, IDE connection, or in the disc. Does it do this with all discs? Is your cable 80 wire? Reinstall DVDDcrypter and use all default settings to make sure you have not set something there wrong. Do a CDSpeed transfer rate test to see what happens there.

Did it do everything OK before and this is a new problem? What is the memory and CPU you have?

yes the same thing with ever discs I’ve tested, I ran CDspeed twice once online with antivirus and spyware on and another test with it off here are my results. The IDE cable are standard flat ribbon.
mobo asus p3v4
Processor intel p3-s sl5ql
oc @ 1336

Under device mang. only 19 apps. running

not sure how to send test results
no.1 start is 5.16x avg 8.95
@4.0 it drops from 12x to 8x
CPU usage @ 1x is 22% NA for 2,4,and 8x
26MB/s Burst rate
seek time
random 110ms
@1/3 112ms
full 169ms
2nd test has the same drop @ 4.0 from 12x to 6x
avg. 8.73x
start 5.19
end 12.31
seek times
random 121ms
1/3 102ms
full 173ms
cpu usage@ 1x 15% and all others na
26MB/s burst rate
the move is used is finalcut origanal 7.61GB
additional if I use default setting with DVD Decrypt the results are worse, I have to crank up transfer length to 64k and buffer size to 256mb in order to have the read rate at start ripp @ somthing higher than 0.7x, with the changes it will start reading @6,7,8x before dropping off at default setting (DVD Decrypt) buffer will go to max faster and read rate will drop off quicker.

I can think of nothing more that could cause this problem other than your system. I have never done any of this on a Pentium 3. CDSpeed is giving you much better throughput than you are seeing with DVDDcrypter. I would be tempted to try another ripper as Decrypter is well out of date. I use it only with AnyDVD so you could download that and see if it made any difference but clearly, you get to a max rate and your system throttles it down. Also try DriveSpeed. It is a no brainer to run, just identify the drive and set the speed.

Ok found a tweak for enabling ata66 by means of the registry, reloaded DVD Decrypt and ran my test disc… wow buffer in even touched and the same movie only takes 15mins or even less if I want… However its only for C: (main HD) If I try writting to External HD via USB. the results are the same slow moving max buffer I noticed now. after reaching max buffer it will now fall of to about 94%, keeping the read rate in the 1 to 2.0x area… So I wounder what? would happen if I encrease the ata66 to ata100… 4 right now Im happy

thanks for all the help

You should be able to set the IDE transfer through the BIOS but if you were at ATA33 no wonder you had problems. I thought it had to be your hardware leading up to the drives but there is so much that can be out of spec it is hard to diagnose. Your USB us most likely version 1 or 1.1 on an old system so it won’t matter. ATA 100 will be dependant on the motherboard, cables (80 wire) and hardware connected. Check to see if they [I]all[/I] allow it. If any of the system doesn’t, it won’t fly. Time to upgrade.

Are you using Win XP?

Im using w2k, and I believe my system is tweak pretty good now if i can only get the programs right