Aopen DVD 1640 Pro-A (Slot Drive)

Hi, my aopen drive has stopped reading music cd’s gradually over several months. I have read the stickeys and searched but no help. I know it’s based on pioneer 105s or 106s but I don’t know which one. I wanted to try a pioneer firmware but don’t know which one. I has 512k buffer and firware ver. 1.24 from aopen. I tried reflashing the firmware and it said:
Pioneer Firmware for G3-G5
Hex =Hitachi H8_3062A
The retail box says DVD 1640 Pro, but the sticker on the drive says DVD 1640 Pro-A.
1: Can someone help me identify the drive and what firmware to try?
2: Tell me if you think the drive is shot and move on!

P.S. Aopen won’t return my e-mails, and the drive reads dvd and data cd’s just fine. Windows explorer sees an audio cd, but every program I use to play it says the drive is empty or it’s an unsupported format.


Nero Info tool can help you identify this.
Try updating firmware and then we will see if the drive is shot.

1.24 is aopens newest. Nero says aopen 1640 pro with 256kb buffer. Pioneer site says 106s model has 256kb. I don’t know whether to use pioneer firm. for 105s or 106s model

It may be rebadged or an A-Open using a Pioneer chipset, which would also be the first I heard of this. Sounds like you should stick to A-Open firmware though.

Check this link:

Thanks for the link, it looks like it is based on the pioneer 106s, and I have the newest FW. So I’m back to figuring out what is wrong with it. I am saving for a dvd burner anyway, my Plex is beige and I have a black case now. I had painted the aopen(no, the problem was there before I painted it!) The slot load was nice to pop in a cd to listen to, but it still plays movies and games. Recomend a dvd burner? The more I read the forums, the harder it is to decide!