AOpen DUW1616L Rebadged?

I just purchased two of these drives and have been experience burning and lockup problems with both drives. Has anyone discovered if these drives are rebadged anythings?

I’ve searched the site for this model number and only see a few comparisons but no detailed info.


According to VideoHelp, the 1616L is a Lite-On, but I do know someone who just bought one and had it turn out to be a BenQ DQ60. What does the drive detect as?

In Device Manager? DUW1616L.

Found the VideoHelp link:
However, they do not say what Lite-On the drive is and therefore I cannot determine what firmware to use to reflash. I’ve downloaded a 1030 version of the firmware from rpc - we’ll see if that doesn’t clean things up a bit.

Is there a 3rd party app to determine the true nature of the beasts?

Okay, so it’s not a BenQ then.

Well, the speeds listed for the 1616L at VideoHelp match perfectly with the speeds listed for the Lite-On SHW-1635S. So that would be my guess.

I had a quick look at the firmware 1030 and the flasher doesn’t look like a LiteOn flasher at all. The AOpen that’s a LiteOn 1635S has firmware YTS1 and is a DVDRW 16x16x - unless the “L” on the end makes a difference, in which case the 1030 firmware won’t work for this drive. :wink:

Interesting thread! My two 1616 are AOPENs, but they do not have the L at the end! So Liteon is making them now!

Lite-On, and, I know a guy at my school who bought one and had it turn out to be a BenQ DQ60.

My two drives took the cross-flash to a 1635S with joy and are now performing much better. Thanks for all the info.

Looks like AOpen has finally made their exit…