Aopen DUW1616L problem

Ok so I am new to this forum and the whole DVD Burning seen. I have a problem, I just recently purchase the Aopen DUW1616L drive and having alot of media read problems. It wont even correctly read my CD’s. Whats up with that? So after doing some investigating using Nero I found out it is indeed a DUW1616L and not a BENQ. Doing a simple search I also found out that the DUW1616L is also a 1635S. So now I want to be able to flash to the new firmware.

How do I do this? Please help Im sick and tired of this problem.

Welcome. If you are certain that it is a 1635S, go here and download YS0W for the 1635S, extract, run, select drive, flash, and reboot. Then download YS0X from here, extract, run, select drive, flash, and reboot again. Now you have the latest firmware. Check out the LiteOn subforum to learn more about the drive also.

oh no i get “Unable to Flash Firmware: Please Contact Vendor” what am I doing wrong?

Hmmm, the YS0W from Codeguys’ website should see the drive, unless it’s not flashfixed. :confused: What’s the firmware version? Is it YTS1?

I checked AOpen’s site, and the 1616L does resemble a LiteOn, but the 1616L Pro is certainly not a LiteOn since LiteOn doesn’t support 8x -R9 burn speed (currently), neither does the 1685L.

yes the current is YTS1. I have a 1616L not a pro though. Am I doing something wrong?

Solve the reading problem first, before flashing to Liteon. You loose your warranty with modded firmware.

How about burnquality.

If the drive can’t read cd and dvd, you have a bad drive and time for RMA.

well it read dvds and stuff before i tried flashing. but now its being strange. it can recognize a cd or dvd but it think its blank. i havent tried burning as of yet, but my previous data cds are fine. havent burnt a dvd yet

ok quick update. ok the drive is fine, looks like i didnt mess it up trying to flash. I tried reading a couple of cds and they booted up fine. and played some dvds and their ok. its just like every other DUW1616L owner, its sometimes is faulty this drive is very pick on what type of media it reads and when it wants to cooperate.

I am running the current YTS1 firmware. and windows driver, and I have been told that the LiteOn SHW 1635S firmware has better compatibility.

LiteOn is relatively good at updating their firmware database. Sometimes, they just may not get around for OEM rebadgers like AOpen, Sony, etc. If you will always be using quality media like MCC or TY, then you may not need to crossflash it to a real LiteOn.

Like jbv said, if you do crossflash, you will lose the warranty. If you can use the XSF utility in real DOS (here), you can back up the YTS1 firmware, so at least you can always go back to it.