Aopen DUW1616L DVDRW Is it made by Lite-on?

I read that this drive may of been made by Lite-On. (Possibly a Lite-On SHW-1635S). If this is correct, can this Aopen DUW1616L firmware be flashed with the Lite-on firmware? Wanting more compatible Media for the Aopen and maybe more stable. Thanks :bow:

Yes, it is a 1635. Lite-Ons generally have no problem being crossflashed, the Lite-On forum should be able to help you out with that.

I did know someone who claimed to buy a DUW1616L and had it turn out to be a BenQ DQ60… What does it report to your computer as, and what firmware does it have currently?

Hi TehGrue,
My computer says it’s a DVDRW16X16X no namebrand with firmware YTS1.
I baught this unit 10/2005, Lite-On has 4 up dated firmwares for better midea support sence than. And Aopen no firmware updates, makes you wonder. Thanks

Probably a Lite-On, then.