AOpen DUW1616L burn quality test on different Media



I bought this unit on sale for $42.00 US. Looking for good media tried different types. Anyone with a DUW1818L and different media please show your quality test.

Test were ran at 16X speed on both medias types.
First is SONY D21 media

Second media is Verbatim


I tested Acro Circle 8X media at 8X and then Sony at 16X to compare

I don’t know what is better having lots of PI error and little PI failure or what. Also compressing movies on one disc may show lower quality? Anyone can help me determine witch media so fare is the best? Yes this is new to me. Thanks


This drive is great It read this 0 quality disc and then rewrote it at hi quality :iagree:
The poor qualty disc is from my Lite-on 411 drive.


can anybody recommend a full face printable disc that will burn at 8X or 16X on this dvd burner. The ones i have had only burn at 4x ???
Yet i have bought some dvd discs today, not printable from the pound shop. 8x on the box but they burn at 12x??? excellent but i need some i can print on???

anybody please help??