AOpen DUW1616/ARR -some quality tests

Aopen DUW1616/ARR firmware 1020.

Some burn quality results…

Some more…

this is too ugly to be true!!!
I have seen so much beter scans with my friend’s BTC…


Stop OC-Freak…

Why? I think some may be interested in seing how bad these drives are.

The only worse drive I have is Samsung TS-H552B/TS-H552U.

this drive is doing something seriously wrong…
At first I just thought you were showing some RicohJPNR03, but the reality is much worse. I especially enjoy the way that jitter follows calibration errors, wandering about with nary a care :slight_smile:

Thanks Freak! Ya da man! :bow: :bow: You are right as always man. :bow:

PS/ We all bought these for $39 18 months ago in a full retail pack with 3 CD’s of software and they all worked out of the box/still working and installed without a problem. Sure all of my other burners are better(except CD ripping and DVD read speed/The 3500 is slower DVD reader and the CD rip abilities are very nice in the 1616)! But the prices for burners back then were in the $55-$70 range for an OEM. And the 109 was a big hungry mean ass bear to install. I had to hack the 3500 to get a read speed increase and the 716 was way over priced. So we got more than what we paid for and with all the quality issues with most brands of burners these days I feel fortunate to have all my burners working.
Yes the 716/1640/3500/3530/3540/(110D if your system can handle it) are great burners and would be on my list today for sure! Some are at $40 delivered, they are a steal at that price if they work! IMHO

Sorry! more like 8 months ago and they were 1608’s that we cross flashed to a 1616 at a much later date.

Got any Taiyo Yuden scans?

Taiyo Yuden TYG03

ah damn - error on the TYG03 image - Quality score is 95.

[ deleted ]


A friend have this drive, because it was very cheap. I´m looking for media that this drive can burn in a good quality.

Looks like this is not easy :confused:

But thanks for your scans, OC-Freak :iagree:

Here are some 4x Maxell DVD-R I burned a while ago.

Nice burns, but the PIF looks very strange :eek:

Not strange at all. These are the (mostly even) recalibration spikes you will see with this drive when burning at 4x speed.
See OC-Freak’s first picture in this post and compare. :wink:

Sidenote. I also had a 1608/ARR for one week, but sold it to a stranger I never seen again and I hope I never will. (I cross my fingers.) :stuck_out_tongue:

The OPC from the Aopen seems to be very hectic :eek:

Primedisc DVD+R 8x Ritek R03
Burned in AOpen 1616 FW 1020 @8x:

It´s the slowest burner @8x I ever had, and maybe the worst, too.

My Benq 1640 can´t recognize the media.

I use my 1616 as a fast reader to feed my 3500 and an occassional CD copy! I have too many other great burners to use the 1616!
The 1640 and 110D are on the top of my list these days!