Aopen DUW1616/ARR any good?

Just wondering since there isnt alot of information out there for this burner besides the cpluse review

Very nice drive! Does everything well except burn DVDs very fast. If you want a rock stable burner and very fast reader and very fast cd burner, this is the one. Price/price/price If 8-9 minutes is ok for a burn then no problem! Several of us have bought these and use them as a primary reader/cdburner/backup DVD burner. :cool:

Look at the 3540 for a few dollars more(very reliable/ dependable/ fast/ stable/ burner). NEC is user friendly and easy to install and reliable! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

1640 is one of the best burners on the market. :cool:
110 is a great burner but a bear to install on some sysytems :cool:
1693 if you feel lucky(very nice burner as Liteon tries a comeback) :cool:

i wouldnt buy aopen if i were you there are much better alternatives, they were never great with dvd burners and their previous one 1608 had terrible writing quality , anyway from what i read on aopen offical forum & other places their drives seems very unreliable and if you ask me comparable to btc

Phil has a pint/I mean point.LOL// $4 more and get the best! But 8 of us at this forum have a 1616 and love it. I would try the 1640 if I needed a burner today, or wait 30 days for the 4550.

oh i already have this drive in a external enclosure that i got for free

i have a benq1620 that im happy with

just wondering hows the drive…since i’ll sell it anyways, no need for 2 burners

Tried to scan any discs written with the 1616?

My results are horrible compared to other drives, and thus I rate this drive among the worst drives.

Wow! Freak is alive!

Yes - and I’ve posted some scans here:

FW link!

any body recommend a dvd+r printable disc to use with this drive that burns faster than 4X please, is murder waiting about.