Aopen DUW1608/ARR is a 3 sheep burner?

The AOpen DUW1608/ARR is a three sheep drive in this classification. It read all test files and proved that it is one of the best devices for hardware copying of protected discs.


As we can read from the table the AOpen DUW1608/ARR is a “Two Sheep Burner”. But it failed to write the Sheep3 tests.

Can anyone confirm if this drive by Aopen is indeed a 3 sheep burner or not?

Are there any 3 sheep burners in the market?


I bought and did some of Womble’s Sheep tests on an Aopen DUW1616L Pro-31 drive.

It had no problems reading sd2old.dat, sd251.dat and sd290.dat. No problems with sheep3.dat from sheep_3_audio.bat (530MB) also.

It couldn’t read bad.dat or sheep3.dat (470MB) from sheep_3.bat though.

I can’t speak for the 1608 but it looks like the 1616 is a 2.5 sheep drive…


Thanks :smiley:

Check the long thread on the Micro Advantage.

Looks like ASUS has one.
Only one I’ve noticed so far.

I’m looking for the best drive for creating image files of games (it’s way more convienant than fishing thru a spool of discs and you don’t have to worry nearly so much about the discs getting scratched up).
Maybe someone somewhere has a maintained list of drives best for this somewhere?