AOpen DUW1608/ARR IS a 3 Sheep Burner

:clap: Well I just purchased this AOpen 1608 burner, and am happy to report that it passed ALL of the Sheep tests. Confirming that it is a 3 sheep burner. I’ll post more results as I test it on some games etc. Anyone else using this drive?


i dont think it a 3 sheep burner because i own a 1608 and it couldn’t read 1 sheep

Not sure why, but mine passed all of the sheep tests including the 1 sheep ones. I have successfully backed up Safedisc 4 titles such as Black and White 2, so it must be doing something right. I’ll keep testing and see what happens.


Does Black and White 2 play on Aopen itself? The recent game I got is Tony Hawks Underground 2 which is Safedisc 3.2. I give it a try see if i can copy it.

Yes you should have no problem with SD 3.20 if you use the AOpen to read and write. I read using the Safedisc 2/3 profile at 1X speed in Alcohol 120%. Write with same program, using Safedisc 2/3 profile at no more than 8X speed. I’ve had no problems with it yet. Good luck,


Sorry I couldn’t make a sucessful 1:1 copy of Tony Hawks Underground 2 (Disc 1) I used the ‘Safedisc’ profile read & burned at 8x, the ‘safedisc 2/3’ profile uses ‘Bypass EFM errors’ which I think it means you will have to use emulation on the backup to work. My 1608 passed the 2 sheep test but for reason it failed 1 sheep test :S I’ll try it on my other drives to see if my sheep test disc can be copied

I’m glad I bought a PS2, very easy to backup your games without worries. :slight_smile: