AOpen DUW1608/ARR DVD-Writer

This is the Future, It is the best. If you loved CloneCD you will fall in love all over again with CloneDVD.

I just posted the article AOpen DUW1608/ARR DVD-Writer.

AOpen Europe (NL) was kind enough to send us their latest DVD-writer the AOpen DUW1608/ARR. This drive supports 16x DVD+R writing, 8x DVD-R and 2.4x DVD+R9 DL writing technology, allowing dual layer discs of 8.5Gb to be written.

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This isn’t a new update! This was released on June 23rd :wink:

You cannot download it right now, both the HTTP and FTP sites are down;) Greets the Diplomat:S

Clone DVD 2 in combination with AnyDVD is great (but I recommend not to go under 60% of quality if you copy the whole DVD if you are under leave some unneeded audio stream or extras like trailer…)

This is my first time using this type of software and I found it to be a very easy process. The results were great!:g


Good review. Just wanted to let you know that the 1.06 firmware fixes the 4x writing speed with Ritek 16x +R media as well as problems with Ritek’s DL media. Still not great results in both cases though.

AnyDVD + CloneDVD is a great solution. however, you may run into problems. it’s very rare, but while backing up my collection i have experienced two sets of disks that have had issues. i’ve found the solution is to turn off AnyDVD, and rip the entire thing using DVD Decrypter, then compress/split using CloneDVD. 1) simpsons; pretty much every season since s3 will give you an menu error upon playback. i get the error “this disk is not formatted to play in this region”, and this is within the menus of the DVD, this is NOT a problem with my dvd player 2) twin peaks season 1 disk3; when pressing play on the episodes, you get a black screen with about 45 seconds of video and garbled audio. like i said, just turn off AnyDVD, and rip it using DVD Decrypter. i’m not sure why this happened… it might be because AnyDVD is removing parts of the dvd that it needs to playback. either way, just some advice for n00bs, happy ripping :S

it is great. the speed is huge. But the ISO Files are too big. I use ratDVD and AnyDVD. No Copy Protection but the files are smaller to handle. REgards, BurnerHEAD

I have been using CloneDVD for sometime and am very happy with this program, I highly recomend it :g

request of illegal keys is forbidden, questions can be posted on the forum
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clone dvd sasy there is no blank dvd in burner, not only is one there but dvd xcopy records to it ok, what gives


I prefer DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink: both are free, easy to use, and work with all types of image files. Need I say more?:g

:frowning: Will not work with New NERO 7.0

:):):):slight_smile: totally kicks ass first class software The only reason that other software is available is that inferior software engineers need jobs to

I love this product, works flawlessly and seemlessly with AnyDVD. A great backup dvd program

CloneDVD kicks ass! It is by far the best DVD-backup software on the market today. The interface is very clear and easy to use, much esier than DVD Shrink. The only problem I have ever had with it is this: if you you change your Screensaver settings while running CloneDVD, this will mess up the program window looks - permenantly - and you will have to reinstall. Other than that it runs as smoothly as shit from a duck’s ass.