AOpen DUW1608/ARR drive caausing HDD activity lite to be on steady

I have an AOpen DUW1608/ARR DVD burner that I’ve had for a bit over a year (naturally). All of a sudden this weird problem has cropped up. Every time I boot the computer up, the HDD activity lite comes on steady, and stays that way as long as the computer is powered up…EXCEPT…if I open and close the drawer of the AOpen drive (even with no disc), the HDD lite immediately goes back to normal operation. The HD is actually operating normally, it’s only the lite that’s on steady.
I installed the latest firmware from AOpen, and that didn’t change anything. My other drive is a Plextor 716-A, and opening the drawer of it makes no difference. So, I took out the AOpen drive, and put in an old LG CD-ROM drive that I have, and all works fine. It only happens when the AOpen drive is connected.
I have e-mailed AOpen, but haven’t gotten a response from them.
The AOpen drive is a great working unit, so I would like to get this problem solved (even though I COULD live with it if I had to).
Anyway, has anyone ever seen this problem before, and is there a fix?
Bill. :confused:

My System:

ECS PT800CE-A Mobo BIOS 1.1E (latest)
P4 3.0G CPU 800FSB (hyperthreading active)
Windows XP Pro SP2
RAM 1 Gig (2X512) DDR400
Chipset VIA VT8237 4 in 1 driver v
HD Maxtor 6Y120P0 120G 7200 RPM Sec IDE Master (It’s a Via chipset thing)
Optical Drives AOpen DUW 1608/ARR Pri IDE Master// Plextor PX-716A Pri IDE Slave
IDE Drivers Microsoft 5.1.2600.2180
VIA Bus Master IDE Controller installed
Video Card NVidia FX5200 53.03 driver (best for Links 2003)
Sound Card Soundblaster Live Value

Well, update one. I just took my Plextor drive out, and left the AOpen in by itself. It works fine. So, for some reason, the AOpen drive does not like to have company when connected to the Pri IDE channel. If anyone has seen this problem before, and knows a fix, I’m all ears. I have a suspicion that it’s a Via VT8237 chipset thing (again), the reason for the Pri channel in the first place. You can’t get UDMA with optical drives connected to the Sec channel with that chipset. Go figure.

I have moved my drives around to much to remember but I did have a problem or two with the drive not liking certain combinations. Try switching it to slave with the other optical as master or make it slave with the hard drive. I use mine with another drive on the same channel all the time (right now an nec 3500 is master and it is slave on the secondary), and most combinations work.

Thanks ripit. I’ve found that the AOpen drive will work OK on the Pri IDE channel by itself, but doesn’t like company. I reversed the IDE channels so I could get UDMA out of my opticals (it’s a Via VT 8237 chipset thing). Anyway, I did a copy speed check on UDMA 2 and then on Multi-word 2, and the speed is almost the same. So, I put the opticals back on the Sec channel where they’re the happiest.
I’m not sure why some manufacturers seem to make equipment that’s (finiky?) like that, but it’s the way of the world.
Anyway, I sent my Plextor drive back to Tiger Direct for other reasons, and am operating on just the AOpen drive now. Everything seems OK, and back to normal.
Thanks again for the answer.