Aopen duw1608/arr burning nightmare trouble

:sad: Hi there,
I have a new Aopen duw1608/arr dvd writer.
I am only able to burn with this drive if it is the only one installed on my computer.The moment i connect an additional drive to copy from i get this message every time’D: AOPEN DUW1608/ARR(LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION FAILURE - HARDWARE ERROR"{04/08/03"
I have tried every conceivable jumper settings,changed the ribbon cables,tried different burning software,tried different copying discs,installed the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s site,changed the cdrom that i have been trying to copy from but yet still the same error message.When i install the dvd writer into another computer it works absolutely great but fails time after time in mine.
I am using xp pro on a Pentium D-2.6ghz with 1gb memory.I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest anything here as the amount of man hours spent now is crazy and i have run out of avenues to explore.
Kind regards,

Welcome! Try to remove both IDE channels in Device Manager and reboot. Or you can copy your disks into images first and then burn copies, which is a safer way to go.

That is an interesting point about the ide channels as i thought there may be an issue there,however,if i remove them and reboot,surely it will configure back the same way.i shall try it right now.

Ref: ide channels. I have a primary,a secondary and a via bus master ide.Is it possible that the via should not be there?

Via is fine, just remove the other two and when u reboot, windows will reinstall the drivers.

Thanks for that,I tried this and it does not seem to have altered its performance,any other suggestions at all?

Update your BIOS and BIOS ettings. Also check your MOBO site for new IDE drivers.

PS/ had two of these and they worked fine BTW/ Just not my favorite drive these days.

Mother board for new ide drivers.good thinking!Will get back on that.